Residential zinc

Durability: These materials are designed to last. All roofs guaranteed 25 years.

Finish: There are a multitude of different finishes to choose from. Natural (Bright) zinc is marginally cheaper in price as it is the only zinc product we install that hasn't been treated. The Pre-weathered zincs range from various shades of grey ie; Blue/grey, quartz, graphite or Anthracite.

Our Approach

Residential zinc roofing and cladding

Our aim is to provide you, the potential customer, with the knowledge and peace of mind that a quality residential zinc roofing and cladding does not mean high prices. Having a zinc, copper or stainless steel roof will save you money in the long-term.

There is also subtle colours such as the VMzinc pigmento range which are a quartz grey with a hint of colour, blue, green or red.

Finally, the Bio-laquered zincs, bright bold colours that will make the dullest building stand out.

Affordability: The price of copper and zinc are at the mercy of London metal exchange so prices will vary but in most cases, it is cheaper than lead and less restricted in terms of building regulations.

Maintenance: There is none, these are natural materials that are self-weathering, natural zinc will dull down over time from its original shiny metallic finish to a matte grey. Copper will over time go brown and finally green.


Our Story

residential zinc roofing and cladding london
residential zinc roofing london
residential zinc dormers Fulham London

Residential zinc and cladding in London

Been an industry leader in what we do and based in London we have completed a lot of work!.

If your looking for a way to bring a stylish look to your property or looking for a product that will outlast most conventional roofs then a zinc roof is what your after.

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